7 Link Building/Outreach Strategies That Actually Work


Back in the day, when algorithms were not so advanced, there were straightforward ways to rank on search engines. However, with the shift of time, several link-building strategies have taken place, enabling you to adhere to numerous approaches to rank higher. Even though some might argue, there are definitely many options available now to grow total traffic and build links to your website. As the internet expands significantly, some tactics and methods have fallen by the wayside, and many have upgraded their system.

Suppose you have written an incredible blog, and you have hit the publish button. Consequently, all you do is wait for days and months. All the traffic you were hoping for does not come. Many SEO experts have suggested that publishing good blogs is a sure way to receive good SEO and build traffic. However, your published blog might never attract backlinks or traffic without much. Why is that so? Well, it turns out that publishing and waiting for the article to be found on the internet does not work wonders. This is primarily when your blog does not have a high DA (domain authority).

Writing a blog is half the battle won.

Writers or bloggers who write frequent content pieces do not love outreaching and promoting parts since it’s time-consuming and labor-intensive to figure out. Remember, executing is another factor. But, promotion is one of the ways to get viewers or users to read and link to the post you have spent so many hours on. Speaking of which, here are seven link-building/outreach strategies that actually work in 2022. Refer to the rundown below.

  1. Skyscraper Method

If you have been indulging in online marketing and search engine optimization for a while, you will probably recognize the gold standard in link building. In effect, your goal is to develop irresistible content on a specific topic – ideally, one that you might have validated and has several links. Know that your post has to be head and shoulders above the rest: 

  • Longer
  • Better media
  • More in-depth
  • More entertaining
  • Updated research

For a listicle, consider turning 10 items into 20. Moreover, you can add an exclusive video or infographic for a how-to post. And go beyond the evident information by offering something genuinely novel!

Many bloggers like the skyscraper approach as it’s aligned with what Google demands: delivering a lot of value to searchers. Soon after you have written one of the best articles on a certain topic, you’re ready to use your optimization tool of choice. Post this, consider scrapping the links of all the sites linking to the original published post, and try contacting them yourself. Even if you get a meager percentage of them to link back to you could define your chances on Google and other search engines. 

  • Cold Outreach

Outreach tends to play an integral role in most link-building approaches. Moreover, it pays to get creative. While you’re familiar with several podcasters, bloggers, social media influencers, and YouTubers in your space, these are the ones whose viewers will be relatively more receptive to your content since they are your direct competitors.


However, go a step beyond and think about complementary subjects or topics that may be an ideal fit for all your messages. For instance, if you happen to be a healthcare provider in orthopedic care, you could get the content onto orthopedic journals and blogs, but what about specific fields of medicine such as sports medicine, pain management, holistic medicine, and physical therapy?

By developing content and outreaching people who are not in the same space as you, consider building your authority and draw in updated followers and readers. It is time for you to open your mind to every alternative topic and audience. 

  • Guest Posts

Instead of promoting the content you have already curated and designed, another tried-and-true outreach approach is to get the content on other people’s media channels and websites. This is typically known as guest posting or blogging but is valid for social media, videos, and podcasts. 

This would be a win-win situation if you did not know since a guest post offers more exposure and a link back to your original site. Fortunately, it is pretty simple to start your guest posting activities. A brief search for your content type with the phrase ‘write for us’ will most likely get you several related blogs that require guest posts. Remember, as you grow, you should consider expanding the potential target to influencers to cultivate a relationship with them before begging for a guest post slot. 

  • Content Marketing Agencies

Just as the title of this point highlights, content marketing agencies do only one thing; produce quality content time-in and time-out for your company blog. Furthermore, such an agency works in one of two specific ways:

  • Pay the content marketing agency a monthly fee, and they get a specific number of articles every month. This usually ranges from 500-word blog posts to a single piece of intimidating content stretching 4000 words. Well, such a type is usually a guide that explains certain things.
  • Pay a set fee for every content piece. For example, you pay close to $2k for one long-form blog post. Remember, costs can vary.
  • Link Roundup Outreach

Many of the readers might wonder what a link roundup is. Here, several websites and blogs regularly publish roundup posts that serve to share relevant articles on specific topics. One can quickly find roundup posts covering any topic with simple research. In addition, you do not require any paid tools. This is what you do to locate link roundups. You need to go to a preferred search engine. Post that, consider searching for terms omitting the “ “ quotes and inurl: “link roundup” with “your specific keyword/topic. 

The inurl part denotes that they will have the term ‘link roundup’ in the URL whatever search results tend to return. Besides that search, you might wish to try the intitle roundup with your specific topic to achieve more varied results. 

Here are a few alternative search terms that you need to consider:

  • Intitle:”link roundup” + intitle: “your keyword or topic.”
  • Inurl: roundup + “your keyword or topic.”
  • Intitle: roundup + “your keyword or topic.”
  • “Weekly link” + “your keyword or topic.”
  • Public Relations

It’s never easy to achieve, but looking forward to several mainstream press publications can be a massive win for the brand. As a significant part of such an effort, you will often get links from articles about your enterprise published online.

Like every other strategy, this one also comprises reaching out to writers, editors, and contributors for online publications. If you are having trouble getting much traction with the press, a PR firm can help you get your foot in the door. Like podcasts or blogs, begin by crafting a list of publications you wish to penetrate by location and topic. Just know that the traditional press can be stringent and “picky” with guidelines. So, always commit to your homework and adhere to those requirements!

  • Related Blog Outreach

Going beyond Skyscraper-ing, there’s your “related” blog outreach. In order to perform this. One can reach out to other blogs covering general topics of our blog posts. Easier said than done? 


For this, you can go to Google and search for given topics and take note of all the well-written blogs on a specific topic. This might land several results. However, you might have to do some sifting to locate the good things.